Novie Studio is a professional medical and scientific illustration studio based near Cleveland, Ohio. With a background in scientific and medical disciplines, we produce accurate and clear illustrations and 2d animations for print and digital publication as well as exhibit design for litigation.

Why Hire a Medical Illustrator?

A medical illustrator uses visual solutions to solve complex problems with their unique skill-set; combining their knowledge in complex anatomical and scientific subject matter with contemporary artistic techniques to tell your story clearly and above all else, accurately. Educating your audience with our illustration or animation is our primary goal.

What we do...


Whether it's one simple diagram or a complex surgical procedure, it tells a story - That's what we do.


Medical and scientific illustration is the hallmark of our studio - from surgical illustration to natural science depictions, from conceptual design to exhibits for litigation. Thorough research further ensures the utmost accuracy. These clear, didactic illustrations help your audience grasp complex subject matter in an engaging and appropriately aesthetic fashion.

Animation & Interactive:

Sometimes a static illustration just won't do. We specialize in the creation of 2D animation, motion graphics and interactive narratives.


Animation will reinforce your message through fluid movement, clear content and quality illustration. Interactivity will give your audience control over its delivery using HTML5 - allowing for viewing on desktops as well as smart phones and tablet devices for amazing didactic results.






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